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The Indian wells valley airport district is pleased to announce it has put a new air service agreement in place with Boutique Air. The Board of Directors voted 3-0 to approve the agreement on Thursday, Director's Valovich, Bates and Paris attended Morgan and Alvarez were on vacation. This will include two daily flights to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Inyokern Airport lost service in November of 2013 when Skywest airlines pulled out. FAA rule changes, sequestration and low ridership due to extremely high-ticket prices were contributing factors of their departure.

The District was successful in 2015, procuring a Department of Transportation grant in the amount of 450,000.00 and the community put in another 100,000.00 in matching funds to help subsidize the airline.

In the last 12 months the District entertained two other potential carriers but an array of factors kept them from pulling the trigger on those deals. Inyokern Airport General Manager Scott Seymour said "It has been a long road to get here and this is an exciting new era for the airport, Boutique Air has an excellent track record across the United States in bringing successful air service to small communities like the Indian Wells Valley." He added the aircraft Boutique operate are the 8 seat Swiss manufactured Pilatus PC-12. The aircraft has an excellent safety record and the flight from IYK to LAX will be about 35 minutes.

District President Paul Valovich said, "In today's airline environment, where long-established airlines such as Skywest, are exiting many small-aircraft commuter markets, the fact that we were able to enter into a mutually beneficial airline service agreement with Boutique is a credit to the knowledge, professionalism and persistence of Scott Seymour and the Indian Wells Valley Airport District staff."

"We now have an agreement in place for resumption of airline service into Inyokern. Whether that service thrives and possibly expands will greatly depend on the residents of the Indian Wells Valley and neighboring communities. If the airline is used and generates adequate revenue, service will continue and perhaps expand; if not, Boutique will eventually follow Skywest and leave Inyokern. There is no cheap, magic solution for airline service. Revenues from ticket sales must provide adequate incentive for Boutique to continue Inyokern operations."

Boutique Air's CEO and President said, "The Indian Wells Valley Airport District and the community have worked hard to reclaim air service and we at Boutique Air are honored to be chosen to offer a reliable, affordable service. We have been fortunate enough to serve many small communities across the U.S. bringing them air service they can rely on and are confident we will do the same for the Indian Wells Valley Community."

Service is set to start in August the schedule and ticket prices we be announced soon. Seymour added, "I would like to thank the community for their support and patience in this endeavor."

A touchstone in aviation, filming, and IWV history

In 1943, a university professor and a Naval officer were flying over the Mojave Desert looking for a place to stage a joint rocket program during World War II. The duo looked down at Kern County "Airport No. 8," which which was established in 1935 to connect the remote Indian Wells Valley farming community to the outside world, and decided to look no further. Today, the extensive air and land ranges and laboratories now known as China Lake - home of some of the greatest technological minds in the nation, a powerful economic engine for the county, and a "national treasure" in arming and protecting our military are here because a forward-thinking pioneer decided to put a modest airstrip in an unassuming rural community.

Inyokern Airport continues to subtly shape the course of the culture and contributions of the Indian Wells Valley by providing a playground to intrepid aviators, hosting film crews for everything from commercials to major motion pictures, assisting in military and high-tech testing operations, and supporting some of the greatest milestones in manned and unmanned flight.


Inyokern Airport (IYK) is a public use airport located one mile northwest of Inyokern, California. It is owned and operated by the Indian Wells Valley Airport District, and serves the northeastern communities of Kern County, California.

Geographically, the airport is situated in the high desert of Southern California, 100 miles east-northeast of the county seat in Bakersfield, 80 miles north-northeast of the Lancaster and Palmdale areas, and 120 miles north-northwest of San Bernardino. The airport covers 1,640 acres at an elevation of 2,457 feet, with three asphalt paved runways that can accommodate almost any class of civilian, commercial, or military aircraft.

Indian Wells Valley is a 33 mile north-south basin located in the northwestern most Mojave Desert, and east of the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range. Local communities include the cities of Inyokern, Ridgecrest, and Lake Isabella.

Something new...

Flying around the mountains in Southern California with Reno Sport Racer, Formation and Commercial Pilot Axel Alvarez.

IYK ramps up filming, military ops

While Inyokern Airport officials continue to leverage a half-million in grant funds into reestablishing commuter air service out of IYK, General Manager Scott Seymour said that he and his staff have had one of the busiest years on record for filming and military support operations.

Records set at IYK become official

World records set last year at Inyokern Airport by pioneer in electric flight Chip Yates were ratified last year by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, cementing IYK's place in aviation history as the site of eight of Yates' 11 world-record achievements for speed and altitude in an electric plane.

IYK budget reflects activity, growth

New fuel farm, restoration of commuter air service on track for this fiscal year

A 50-percent leap in revenue and a slate of projects that will continue infrastructure improvements at Inyokern Airport were depicted in the budget for fiscal year 2014-15 passed this week by the Indian Wells Valley Airport District Board of Directors.

GPS-guided parachute tests at IYK

A GPS-guided parachute Mist Mobility Integrated Systems Tech-nology Inc. touted as the "leader in precision aerial delivery systems" spent the last two weeks at Inyokern Airport in a series of tests the company staged for one of its latest developments.

"Hangover 3" file production brings IYK upgrades and economic boost

After a film crew for the Warner Bros. 2013 offering of "Hangover 3" wrapped at Inyokern Airport last week - a rumor which was only unofficially confirmed at press time - IYK CEO Scott Seymour came forward to acknowledge the project, as well as its positive fiscal impact on the local airport and the region.

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