Filming at Inyokern Airport

. . . an ideal location for film productions requiring an open-air environment with an unobstructed natural background. Paved runways and taxiways can be used for ground vehicle and aircraft scenes, including high-speed operations. Outdoor sets of virtually any size can be constructed to meet your filming requirements.

Inyokern Airport is located in California's upper Mojave Desert adjacent to the east slope of the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range
  ·Lat/Lon: 35-39.530583N / 117-49.770733W
  ·Elevation: 2455 ft / 748 m
  ·High desert terrain and vegetation
  ·Hot summers, cool winters
  ·Most sunny days of any location in USA
  ·Unobstructed 360° view
  ·Rugged Sierra Nevada mountain background
  ·Flat and desert terrain backgrounds
  ·Western desert scenes
  ·Rugged mountain background
  ·Large outdoor sets
  ·High-speed vehicle operation
  ·Aircraft operations
  ·Three asphalt surface runways
  ·Several paved taxiways
  ·A large concrete area with access to roads and runways
  ·A large World War II style wooden "Kodiak" hangar
  ·World War II era ammunition magazines
  ·Daily FedEx and UPS pickup and delivery
  ·Catering service available
  ·Nearby motels and restaurants
  ·On-site water truck
  ·Ample space for RVs and trucks
  ·Easy/fast permitting process

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