July 10, 2014, Inyokern ends FY 2013 on a high
General Manager one
IYK Manager Scott Seymour (right) meets with state Sen. Jean Fuller and her husband Russell at a recent event.

This week the Indian Wells Valley District Board of Directors approved the budget for our next fiscal year, which we believe will continue on the present trajectory of growth and improvements at IYK.

Fiscal Year 2013 was a tremendously positive year. In addition to hosting a number of professional film shoots and military operations, we also supported the successful capture of 8 world records by electronic aircraft pioneer Chip Yates, welcomed two new innovative tenants to the airport, and secured funding for a new fuel farm.

The loss of commercial air service was an inconvenience to our community, but in the last several months we've been working with potential providers who may be able to reopen operations as early as spring of next year.

Farris Aviation has reinvigorated the general aviation community through hosting events and recruiting new pilots, helping to ensure that this vibrant culture continues to be the beating heart of our airport.

Our board is continuing to plan conservatively to ensure that we continue to attract operations while reinvesting that revenue into the airport, but we have several prospects that I believe will drive some exciting new changes in the coming year.

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                                                                                  Scott Seymour, General Manager Inyokern Airport